Our club has a wide variety of developmental programs. We offer a full day program in English with a native speaker, music classes, chess, creative workshops, dance classes, English classes, classes with a child psychologist and private lessons. There are separate educational groups for different ages.

At what level will my child's English be at the end of your program?
It all depends on the age of admission. Children who have joined us at 4.5-5 years of age, after a year of training, are able to understand the unadapted speech of native speakers, read and write simple words, and speak in sentences. If you enroll your child in Discovery at the beginning of the course at 2–3 years, by the end of the senior group, your child will be fluent in English at the level necessary for entering the school where instruction is entirely in English.
My child does not know English at all. Can he/she still attend Discovery Preschool?
Yes, it’s possible. During the adaptation period, the bilingual specialist constantly interacts with the child. The teacher explains the rules for behavior and games in the group, and if necessary, a psychologist is involved. At an older age (5-6 years) there may be a conflict with the language environment, in which case the situation is resolved individually.
Do children often get sick?
In Discovery, children play and work in mini-groups (an average of 10 children in a group), so the risk of ARVI is much lower than in other preschools. Bactericidal lamps are installed in all groups. We carry out cleaning of the rooms and disinfection of toys every day with special means approved by SANPIN. For the older group, children usually get sick once or twice a year.
What school can my child attend after preschool?
We cooperate with Lomonosov School, where training can be continued in Russian, without forgetting English. If you want your child to continue studying in English, our students are given an advantage during the admissions process of both Cambridge International School and Brooks International School. Graduates of these schools have the opportunity to undergo an international baccalaureate program for admission to the leading universities of the world.

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