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Private kindergarten

English kindergarten Discovery in Moscow
Cambridge curriculum for 1460 days
Native speakers from USA
Groups up to 12 children
Authentic teaching materials

Our club has a wide variety of activities
development programs

Discovery English Preschool is a new approach to the preschool education in English. Native speakers from the United States work with children all day long, creating an artificial english language atmosphere. By being immersed in an English environment, children can begin to think in the language like it is their second mother tongue!

Our mission is to cultivate a sense of self-worth in a child, to reveal his/her strengths, which gives them the freedom of choice. Therefore, our program includes a lot of creative activities, yoga, choreography classes, karate, chess, music and art.


Art week in Preschool Group
Saint Valentine's Day
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We are located at: 121609, Moscow, Krylatskaya st. 45/1