About Discovery

About Discovery

Discovery - the space of a happy childhood.

In Discovery, we consider every child is unique. It is important for us to create a comfortable, family like atmosphere for the harmonious growth and development of each and every child.

In our experience, an individual approach stops working when there are more than 12 people in a group. Therefore, 12 is the maximum number of pupils in a group with a native speaker and two bilingual specialists.

How we learn.

Discovery English Preschool’s program is based on the Cambridge preschool curriculum. Each of the 1460 days of study in Discovery is thoroughly planned and articulated. Such a rigorous approach allows children to achieve outstanding results in learning English without overloading!

Which groups do we have?

Every age has its own approach, its own teacher and its own program!

Nursery group (1.8 - 3 y.o.)

Children begin to attend Discovery at the most tender age. Our babies in the Nursery Group are between 1.8 and 3 years old. This is the ideal age to acquaint the child not only with a foreign language, but also with a new environment. Adaptation will pass quickly and within a couple of weeks the child will be happily singing English songs and sharing new words! In the younger group, special attention is paid to the development of fine motor skills - every day we sculpt, master, play with kinetic sand - this is how we prepare their hands for writing, because very soon they will have to write their names for the first time in English!

Reception 1 group (3 - 4.5 y.o.)

All classes in this group are conducted by a native English speaker (except for Russian classes). The emphasis is on teamwork and the development of major and fine motor skills. The psychologist pays attention to the inner world of each child: teaches them to recognize emotions and to express their own in a socially appropriate way, respect themselves, the other children and adults. Starting at the age of 3, we teach children to hold a pencil correctly. At 3.5 years old, children begin to practice tracing English letters. In this group, other specialized classes are introduced for the first time: Jolly Phonics (introductory course to reading in English), Maths (getting acquainted with a number in English), Phonics class (combining a graphic image with sound).

Reception 2 group (4.5 - 5.5 y.o.)

In this group, children freely understand the everyday speech of native speakers - the emphasis is on motivating conversational speech, on building longer and more detailed sentences, using collocations and language patterns. In addition to the English and Russian classes in this group, we offer children a wide variety of additional disciplines - karate, choreography, music, art class, chess and yoga.

Preschool (5.5 - 7 y.o)

The main task of the teachers of the older group is to prepare children for entering an exceptional school. That’s why we concentrate on specific tasks: reading and writing in English and Russian, solving mathematical problems, developing speech. In the senior group, a special preparation course for the Russian school was added for those children who are planning to continue their education in Russia.

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