September 20, 2022

Letter-sound study

Hi, Moms and Dads!

Did you know that at Discovery we don't learn letters in an alphabetical order?

Yes, and there are reasons for this approach!

Why do you think we introduce letters to children in such an inconsistent way?

In Phonics classes children get acquainted not only with the letter and its style, but also learn to

pronounce the sound,
recognize capital and small letters
memorize new English words that begin with the studied letter-sound
learn to connect already known letters
are reading!

Having studied only the first three letters from the phonetic table, our guys begin to decode and compose the first words - it is the study of letters in Discovery that does not begin with the letter A.

In the first three weeks of the school year, we have already done a lot of work: covered the sounds S-A-T!
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